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August 17, 2017
No frills on airlines USA, Airline comfort

No Frills on Airlines: Getting to Your Destination Takes True Grit

No Frills on Airlines: Surviving the Flight: Top offenders when it comes to bad behavior onboard; 18 types of passengers you never want as seatmates; Tips for minimizing the discomforts of flying
May 26, 2017
Packing tips

2017 Top 10 Travel Accessories

  What’s in your luggage? For frequent travelers what travel accessories they take can make or break a trip. Chances are there is battery power, some […]
March 4, 2017
Winter vacation canary islands

10 Affordable Winter Vacations

With the cold weather quickly setting in and summer wardrobes across the Northern Hemisphere deep in hibernation, memories of sun-baked beach bars and endless balmy evenings […]
January 24, 2017
driving in Mexico City

How to Drive in Mexico

Driving in Mexico is the adventure and the destination. Like any slightly traveled American, I've crossed the Mexican border by car at either Tiajuana or Calexccio/Mexicali and driven the coast along the Sea of Cortez, or the Pacific coast in Baja California. However ...