One Stop Travel: Going for the Ghosts at These Hotels

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One stop travel can mean a one night ghost encounter with these handy hauntings offered by With Halloween upon us and spooky shows like American Horror Story: Hotel making leaps and bounds broadcasting from our television sets, it may be worth a one-stop travel trip to a place where all nightmares come true.

The following are some of the country’s most well-known haunted accommodations for those who love the thrill.  And, according to the experts – travelers who want their one stop travel night with a ghost are likely to get their wish, wanted or not. Here are several accommodations where unwanted guests have been recorded.

One Stop Travel to The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

The Queen Mary has been docked in Long Beach since 1967. There have been 49 confirmed deaths on the ship between passengers and crew members (most of them crew members). Most infamously, there’s Cabin B340. B340 is the smallest room on the ship, and according to legend, it’s so haunted by a malevolent ghost that it can’t be rented to anyone and has been sealed. A one stop travel night on the Queen Mary may offer the thrill of a lifetime.

One Stop Travel to the Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida

Stop at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables for one night of travel with the spirit of one of America’s Most Wanted – past. The hotel is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Thomas “Fatty” Walsh, a mobster who was murdered there on September 7, 1929 during a gambling dispute. Claims include that his ghost haunts the hotel elevator. Guests also have reported seeing the ghost of a woman who was said to have jumped out of a window to save her child and a woman in white clothing in their rooms. One stop in this travel destination is all it takes to make your hair turn white.

One Stop Travel to the Boston Omni Parker House Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

A one stop travel encounter with the ghost of Harvey Parker (the original owner of the hotel) awaits. This specter continues to roam the halls of the Omni Parker House in Boston. Parker was known as a perfectionist who was deeply involved in all aspects of the hotel, and prided himself on being the ultimate host to guests. Clearly, a host who has a hard time leaving… Sightings of Parker’s ghost usually come from guests on the 10th floor, and rumor has it he visits room 1078 on occasion. Apparently, there’s also a gathering of ghosts on the 3rd floor and in room 303 – the hotel elevators have been known to stop there for no reason, and without any buttons being pushed – a one stop travel move you may not want to push.

One Stop Travel to the Kahler Grand Hotel, Rochester, Minnesota

In 1921, the Kahler Grand Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Rochester, was built and later renovated in 1994. Because this one stop travel option is connected to the Mayo Clinic complex, many of the visiting patients stay there. In 1977, Brach candy heiress Helen Voorhees Brach, 65, visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a checkup. The doctors found her to be in good health, she paid her bill, checked out of her room at the Kahler Grand Hotel, made some purchases at a gift shop, and then left. This was the last time that anybody had seen her. In 1984, Brach was declared to be legally dead. Still to this day, people report seeing Brach riding the elevators and vanishing before their eyes, a one stop travel story that did not end well, or end at all.

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